FEZA is a visual-artist born in Kinshasa, DR Congo and raised in Edmonton, Canada, whose work includes photography, film and sound. Whether it is through art or community organizing, Feza’s work is a meditation on the daily experiences of Africans within the Canadian context, exploring experiences of migration, memory and Kinship. She draws inspiration from her Congolese heritage, incorporating archival material such as photographs, video and audio sources.

In 2018 they were awarded the Ali Mustafa Memorial Collective Photojournalism award for their long form photo documentary on the experiences of African Caribbean and Black newcomer pregnant women, the barriers they face navigating the health and social services system. In 2018, she co-directed “My Community is here” a film exploring the meaning of community for tenants evicted from the Herongate community housing in Ottawa. Feza’s work has been shown at the Montreal Museum of Fine arts and at various community events. She enjoys creating engaging spaces on and offline for her community, she’s the co-founder of BLKOUT FILM NIGHT a monthly nigh screening films from the African diaspora. Feza is currently based in Ottawa, Canada.

Contact: sflugoma at gmail dot com

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